A Curriculum Of Thought


Hello, I Am so excited to have you here.

A Little Housekeeping First

Right from the start, I must tell you that I am not religious and this is not a discussion about religion or belief. I do not have the credentials to get involved in such topics as I once believed quite strongly that there is no God. I will fight for you to have the right for you to believe whatever is true for you, even if it is different to my belief, because freedom, and particularly freedom of choice, is my highest value. I therefore do not want to tell you what to think or believe, instead I want to inspire you to think about some concepts that will be foreign to you, as they were to me, and I'd love to figure them out together. I welcome your feedback, especially where it is different to what I think. This is how new idea threads are inspired. Not by those opinions that agree with our own, but those that differ. We cannot learn anything new if we are not exposed to any new concepts or ways of thinking.

This is a journey of discovery. Life is a journey of discovery, and this discussion is a journey of discovery. We discover through interaction with like minded expression. I must assume that you are here because something resonated with you, and that makes me assume that we think in a similar way and are therefore 'like minded'. You'll understand then when I say, we are not here to change anyone's opinion. I am not intending that, and I ask you please to bear that in mind whenever interacting with other students enrolled in the course.

This is a discussion about, and a discovery of, who we are and why we are here on earth. These are questions that have plagued me for much of my life. I have a lot more knowledge now than I ever did before, but that certainly does not mean I have all the answers. I know it sometimes seems like I know everything, but I've come to realize about myself, those are the moments, where I seem so sure of myself, that I am in fact, most overwhelmed inside. With that being said, I love talking about this ubiquitous subject with like minded people, whom I usually find online these days. I have made so many wonderful friends and not yet met many in person. It is a new kind of world, today, for sure. There is a comments section at the end of each discussion. Please feel free to get the conversation started and to share your thoughts. Please also remember to always be mindful that everyone is allowed to believe whatever it is they believe, and it is true for them when they believe it. Please respect that, when reading other comments different to your perspective, so I can always leave the comments section open for discussion to take place.

Thank you for being mindful and as one of The Four Agreements advises us to be, please be Impeccable With Your Word.

Now...Let the discussion begin!

What Is Included In This Course, And What You Can Expect To Gain

Here Is a recap of what you will receive after completing this course:

  • An I Am Affirmation card each day of the year
  • Each lesson will impart an I Am Affirmation and will be coupled with the day's course material pertinent to understanding:
    • Unconditional Love, True Love. What it is and how to use It.
    • Victim mode, how to recognize it when you're in it, AND how to transcend it to reclaim your God given talents.
    • "When you change, the world around you changes in an instant." How to make this work for you. How to be in control of everything that happens to you, and develop the skills to actually turn your lemons into lemonade.
    • How to find the best in everyone you meet, including, and most of all, YOURSELF.
    • Being present in the present moment. How to understand the meaning of this and how to do It.
    • The correct use of judgement.
    • And so much more...
  • A comments section at the end of each day's blurb, to get the conversation going.
  • A live group session each week to expand our consciousness together in person.
  • After each 30-day period you will receive a guided meditation incorporating the past 30 day's affirmations. And yes ladies, I will do them with Steve's voice. You're welcome :-)
  • Free lifetime access to the I Am Facebook group, where you can freely ask any questions or discuss any aspect of the course and receive free advice from myself and Steve. You will have unlimited access to our knowledge. I'm the touchy, feely one and Steve is the science, tech one. I'll talk in feelings and Steve will back me up with science, logic and humor.
  • A free gift which you should already have received when you signed up. If not, please reach out to me in the Facebook Group so I can rectify this.


This Is a journey of self discovery for me and I thank you for being part of it because I couldn't do it without you. I Am You and You Are Me.

I am showing up here with the intention to be as vulnerable as I can be. I have visualized the most amazing and outrageous future for myself and I am daring to achieve it. Marianne Williamson said: "Imagine the most outrageously positive possibility for your life, claim it, and consider it done". So I did. I Am daring to make a difference. I have no idea how to make a difference for anyone but myself, and even then I don't know how. I simply listen for and follow the Divine guidance. I do know that the only way to make a difference for myself is by teaching you - to ultimately teach myself.

What Is Required From You

All you are required to bring, to join me on this journey, is an open mind. A mind open to the possibility that anything is possible. I can guarantee you that anything, absolutely anything is possible as I'm proving it to myself everyday.

All I can do is tell you my story of how I got here, and intend to inspire you to do so too.

In Conclusion

Let's Chat!


I quote from Wayne Dyer, from his book Wishes Fulfilled, and I highly recommend reading the book.

Like Dr Dyer does in his book, I also quote Neville Goddard.

I suggest you read any and all words you can by both men. They are truly enlightened beings and they have been an integral part of my awakening to who I Am.

To hear more from Neville Goddard, visit the YouTube channel The Reality Revolution by Brian Scott and for more on Dr Wayne Dyer, visit All On Wayne Dyer.

Wishes Fulfilled was the first book I read from the "other side". I felt he was quoting me. Everything he said, I nodded in agreement with. It was uncanny how I had only days previously been saying the exact same thing that I was now reading in his book. This happened more than once. It was as if the Universe sent me a message to tell me I Am. There have been many more synchronicities occurring that take my breath away. All telling me I Am.

Both men believed their words are free to share and both would be honored to be quoted here. They both strongly believed in their message that the more people who hear it, the better. They have both had a huge impact on my knowing.

Knowing is higher than knowledge. Knowledge seems to imply that there is always more to get, so a never ending unfolding of more knowledge. Knowing already knows all there is to know. Knowing is Whole. Knowing has nothing more to discover. Knowing is the level up from accumulating knowledge. It is the point to accumulating knowledge. At some point you must reach knowing.

I must also recommend a guided meditation channel on YouTube called Pura Rasa: Unique & Effective Guided Meditations and her I AM meditation that inspired this course. I must credit her with the name of this course as well as for the tagline. I love her calm energy and beautiful voice. I feel calm as soon as I hear her voice. Thank you Rasa for the Divine guidance. I appreciate you.

The image I shared above has been my view for the past 18 months. It has saved my soul more than once.

I Am Gratitude,


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