With the same level of thinking that created it. Change is required!

This world is an amazing miracle, full of regular miracles. But we cannot see or understand these miracles in our current human form. We must undergo a metamorphosis of sorts, an undoing of all the bullshit programming we have received since we were born.

Be prepared to shock yourself into understanding. Be prepared to forget everything you thought was real. Be prepared to forget everything that you think you are. If you are not prepared to let everything go, and to rebuild your Self with sacred knowledge, then you’re agreeing that you are comfortable with the false world you live in. The one where you eat, sleep, work, and repeat. The one that contains wars, poverty, hate and judgement.


The tone of this book is not sweet, and sometimes it may not even be polite. The tone is in fact: “Stop lying to yourself and pulling the wool over your own eyes! Stop fooling yourself and falling for the bullshit you think and are conditioned to believe”.

One of the many de-programming techniques you will undertake, is understanding that swear words have no power. Any ‘evil’ intent is only in the mind of the person seeing or hearing that evil intent. Nothing outside of you has power over you, UNLESS YOU LET IT. As Shakespeare said “Nothing is good or bad, except for the thought that makes it so".

Change Your Life NOW!