The Parable of the Lesser Light

“Two souls were in heaven. One soul said to the other, ‘I wish to descend to the Earth so that I can experience humiliation and indignity.’ The other soul said ‘OK, I will come with you, and cause you to suffer the humiliation and indignity that you wish to experience.’ The first soul asked ‘But why would you reduce your vibration level so much that you could descend to Earth and do these terrible things?’ And the second soul replied, ‘Because I Love You’.”

This parable is very powerful, especially because of the multiple metaphors involved:

-We are all souls, connected energetically as one;

-We vibrate at a dense level to be on this plane (the Earth);

-This plane is a denser vibrational level, which attracts denser vibrational experiences such as shame, humiliation, indignity, anger and guilt;

-The people inflicting these “hurts” on us are doing it because our soul requested this experience, in order for us to grow spiritually;

-The people inflicting these “hurts”’ have reduced their vibration level for us, because they love us.

It is an amazing paradox to think that the person causing harm to us, is doing it as an act of love. 

11 Tips For My Younger Self

  1. Everything is energy
  2. Everything (your body, your environment and your reality) is controlled by what you think, say, do and feel.
  3. You are extremely powerful.
  4. You are not your body.
  5. True happiness lies in being of service and in personal growth.
  6. What you see with your body’s eyes is an illusion molded by your thoughts and past experiences. Learn to trust your instinct and use your other senses - the ones you can’t ‘see’ such as your intuition and gut feeling.
  7. Your ego will try to control you. Be aware of this and the best response to the ego is always love.
  8. Learn what true forgiveness means and then use it.
  9. Make feeling happy your highest priority and allow how you feel to become your compass.
  10. Everything always works out in the end. If things haven’t worked out, it’s not yet the end.
  11. Everything happens for a reason. Find the meaning and then you can find the gratitude. The meaning of life is to be grateful. 

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