The Law of Creation eBook



For the first time ever, this book explains the physics and the

science of why and how the laws of creation work. When

you know how these laws work, you have (or gain) the ability

to create everything you desire.

As we go about our daily lives, we all seek out knowledge; we try to

improve our lives, and obtain more joy, happiness and purpose

That knowledge resides within us, but we remain 'unconnected' to it.

The Law of Creation explains the 18 Laws, and the link and balance

between them. You will be reconnected to your absolute ability to

create your life.

This book will teach you how to:

- create your life

change your circumstances

- manifest abundance

- emit and absorb joy

- develop harmonious bonds with family and friends

- establish meaningful relationships with your significant others

- emanate love

- establish purpose

We all have this ability to create, you are doing it right now. Mostly

you create what you don't want. Now you can create what you do

want! This knowledge is in every one of us, it is part of who we are

You cannot know the contents of this book and fail to be an

abundance machine!

Nothing Is As It Seems

The Law of Attraction is only one of the 18 Laws of Creation. Therefore, if you practice the Law of Attraction on its own, you are only applying one eighteenth of the Law of Creation. So, to some extent applying this law will work, and may bring manifestation. However, if one incorporates and applies all eighteen laws, you will be far more powerful in your creative abilities. If you only practice the Law of Attraction you are ignoring 17 other strong laws of creation, and you are attempting to create without the most powerful law – the Law of Gratitude. 

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